Vague Illusion’s Binary Breakdown!

Nicky Havey’s Review

On Monday, we saw the release of an album called Binary from Vague Illusion and so I thought I’d give it a track-by-track review to give our fans an idea as to what they can expect from it.

First up, I listen to the intro and I can tell I’m going to be in for a roller-coaster ride as it builds very nicely into Truth. No time is wasted and we get plunged straight into an intense bassline which relaxes into a relatively calm breakdown before slinging you back out to the wilderness with authority.

Next on the hit-list, Deep Pacific. A haunting vocal starts off the track and features throughout as the drum beat and tempo picks up very nicely; the inclusion of some brilliant glitch work with the strong vocals making you feel empowered. Feel The Vibe begins with a more melodic approach and I definitely felt a bit reflective before the main drop took me to a higher state. The rasta-esque vocals adding another dimension to the track, a great touch as well. Hysteria begins with a sample from an Alfred Hitchcock film , “Strangers on a Train”, which sets the tone in this one from the start. It paints a picture of chaos and aggression in my mind and as the song progresses you feel your own intensity build up in this, it’s a very clever track.

Down in Flames starts off with a more melodic synth and bursts into life with powerful lyrics in the vocals “If it’s not good for me, it’s not good for you, if you say its ok, you’re a ******* fool”. Very strong message portrayed in this one I feel and the drum beat and melody fits perfectly with them. Then comes Opportunity, a song that featured on my AirLove LP back in June. I still very much like this track as the strings and the brass sounds that are featured throughout convey very positive vibes and I always find myself being uplifted by it.


Then finally comes Vague Illusion’s and my jaw dropped as I hear this for the first time and it’s my favourite of the album. The intense start leads you into a totally different world and, I believe, a more personal worldThe bassline is like no other in the album and just takes you off from the start.


My final say is that this is such a cleverly worked album and will take you on an extreme journey, one which you will have to make sure you wear padded protection for!


TigerPaw’s taster review

“With the recent start of my live DJ sets and weekly show ‘Live at the Tiger Den‘ such selections as Deep Pacific, Truth and many more selections from Binary have proven ESSENTIAL in my sets and I highly recommend this EP” -TigerPaw


Words from the man himself

I got a chance to speak to the man behind Binary to dive deeper into the release. Here’s what happened:


Ahoy there Vague! Top production released this week from you, I absolutely loved it! What was the inspiration behind Binary and what’s it all about?

Easy there Nicky! Thanks mate, well Binary is based on how technology has brought myself to meet new people really. Using technology helped me to meet you and TigerPaw. It’s also about what technology has helped me see worldwide as well.


That’s a brilliant concept! Speaking of concepts, this album heavily features strong bassline sounds, is there a reason for this?

That’s one extreme of my personality, I have got a mellow side but Binary deals with the opposite side of the calm spectrum.


Very interesting way to represent it and you pulled it off damn well! As I was listening to the album, I felt that you were telling a story and I would like to ask if there is a story behind that flows throughout the EP?


Yes there is a story of sorts behind each song really. The first three songs Truth, Deep Pacific and Feel the Vibe are about friendship, love and loyalty. Feel the Vibe is a track for my fellow producers and is more about music and the comradery with my friends on the record label. Hysteria is all about the bad things that I see in the world; war, murder. That’s why it is more aggressive than the other ones on there. Down In Flames tries to a convey a message of responsibility and that we all have to look after ourselves. Opportunity is about my close friends and how we have all grown together whether it’s in a short or a long space of time. Finally, Vague Illusion’s is about me personally. I’m not a spotlight person, I prefer being the guy in the background, observing life.


Well thank you for letting us into your world through Binary mate! 


There you have it, it doesn’t get much more comprehensive than that! I hope you enjoyed this write-up of the album and that you grab yourself a copy from iTunes, Amazon mp3 or Juno download!


All the best


Nicky Havey & the AirPlus Recordings team.



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